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Hello there and welcome to the first blog entry. This will be the first ofmany posts to be listed here. Don’t expect some profound wisdom in these posts nor come here looking for technical scientific articles. 😊 This is just a space where I come to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences. Posts might be … Buckle up peeps, it’s going to be a fun ride! Read More…


Every territory can be represented by so many different maps. Different maps serve different functions. A map that shows you only streets and addresses is very useful when you are trying to find directions from on point to another. Such a map however doesn’t help you understand where the water will gather on a heavy … Imagine this! The map is not the territory Read More »


Today we do so many things that we think are normal yet if we mentioned them to someone from a couple of centuries ago, they’d thing we are talking about witchcraft. When I first came across NLP it seemed too good to be true. Seeing how transformative the tools of it were, it does look … Seems like magic, to the untrained eye, it is only science! Read…