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NLP Master Practitioner / Life Coach

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Are you wanting to make a positive shift in your life?

If you have come this far then you are ready to go beyond any barriers, set realistic, achievable goals and work towards them. Here is why I am the right coach for you.

1- I have a wealth of experience  in coaching people from all walks of life.

2- I believe that each client has within them all the resources necessary to make progress and I am going to help you use your resources to achieve great results.

3- I am warm, kind and genuinely care about helping my clients succeed.

what people say

Breakthrough & Abundance Life Coach Having spent time with Hamada (alongside him in the role of Life Coach), I was very impressed with his professional and personal approach in supporting and coaching others. His empathy and intuitive understanding definitely supported those he coached as he navigated their focus for change. The shift in perception for the people he worked with was evidence of his effective communication skills and ability to motivate change. He highlights people’s strengths and achievements as well as effectively guides their ownership of goals, actions, and accountability for change in their own right. Thank you Hamada, as it was a privilege to witness your life coaching abilities and I highly recommend your professional practise.

Liz Tocher March 2021

Hamada has a gentle intensity and focus which grounds you in the moment and makes you feel entirely at ease as you work through personal change (NLP) processes. My experience was that this facilitates excellent results from the session, and his ability to match your energy levels, leaves you pleasantly surprised at how fun creating change can be too. As a Master Practitioner and an NLP Trainer myself, I would recommend Hamada as an NLP Practitioner or coach to anyone seeking to create positive and lasting change in their life.

Jaki GT November 2022

I highly recommend NLP coaching with Hamada Eleleimy. He is calm and approachable about any topic and gets straight to the heart of the matter at hand. His work is of great benefit to me and I experienced a sense of calm and clarity through the visualisations he taught me. I look forward to having more sessions with him in the near future.

Shay January 2023

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is NLP?

    Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, offers an insight into how the mind works. NLP shows how successful people achieve their goals. Once we figure out how our mind works we can make it work to our advantage. We can achieve success and overcome challenges that hold us back.

    What can NLP coaching help me with?

    In general coaching helps you move forward towards your goals and overcome any obstacles that are standing in the way of achieving your goals.

    Areas you can focus on during the session are

    • Setting clear, specific and achievable goals
    • Overcoming fear, phobia or anxiety
    • Letting go of anger, sadness or shame
    • Gaining confidence in your life
    • Letting go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs
    • Healing past trauma
    • Breaking and disrupting an unhelpful pattern
    • Stopping an annoying habit.
    • Building productive habits.

    What is a Life Coach?

    A life coach helps support you in using the resources you already have within you to achieve the goals you dream about. If you are not clear about your goals a life coach can help you find the clarity you need.

    Am I an addict?

    Addiction is being stuck in a pattern that has outlived its usefulness. A pattern that once upon a time served a need that no longer exists. If you have one of those patterns, NLP can help disrupt that pattern and enable you to establish a helpful pattern in its place.

    How do I receive coaching?

    I meet my clients by zoom or in person. For zoom meetings it is important that you find a place where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session, where you will have strong WiFi and to ensure that your phone or computer is rested on a desk so you can use your hands to take notes or create an anchor during the coaching session.

    How do I pay for your services ?

    Payment can be made online by credit cards or through a bank transfer. Once you’ve booked your session you will receive an invoice payable 24 hours prior to the session.


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