All sessions are available in person (New Plymouth) and online by zoom

Number of sessions

You can book a single session or invest in multiple sessions from the beginning. The number of sessions varies depending on your needs and your unique goals/intentions from coaching.

Duration of each session

The first session is 90 minutes long. Subsequent sessions are an hour to 75 minutes long.

Cancellation policy

In the case you are unable to attend the session please inform me as soon as possible. Cancellation up to 24 hours prior incur no fees. Because I set aside the time for the session and prepare for it, any short notice cancellations are not refundable.

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1st in session(90 minutes) $180​

In our first session we get to explore the following

  • How to increase your choices
  • What goals you’d like to achieve
  • what obstacles stand in the way of your achieving these goals.

The use of NLP will deliver results from the first session. It might be that one session is all you need.

Repeat session(75 minutes) $120

You can book a repeat session to

  • Make more changes to support the goal you set in your first session
  • Set new goals and work towards them.
  • Have a maintenance session to strengthen the work you’ve done in previous sessions

3 sessions package $360

This package offers you an opportunity to get more value for our time together. You could choose to work on any of the following.

  • Clear anger, sadness or shame
  • Overcome an allergy, a phobia or past trauma
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Have the ability to reach a desired state at will in any situation
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