Buckle up peeps, it’s going to be a fun ride!

Hello there and welcome to the first blog entry. This will be the first ofmany posts to be listed here. Don’t expect some profound wisdom in these posts nor come here looking for technical scientific articles. 😊 This is just a space where I come to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Posts might be humorous and entertaining, they might be a rant, they might be whatever I decide to write about. Writing gives me a way of processing my life. A way other than dwelling on my thoughts and feelings in my head. There is some kind of magic that happens when I put things into words. Looking at a piece of paper and seeing what is written from a bit of a distance. Dissociated is what it is called in NLP.

If you haven’t already please check my social media platform for a different kind of expression. I record videos of myself either sharing on topics of importance to me and to my audience or processing experiences and responding to questions. You can also put down some questions if you want to hear my resonses to them.

I will leave this one short for now and keep an eye on this space. I haven’t committed yet to a rhythm of when and how often I will be posting but that will happen organically over time 😊

Thanks for reading, leave a comment of what you want to see/read in the future.  

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