About me

I grew up in Egypt, I lived in India, China, Singapore and currently living in New Zealand. I travelled to many countries and worked in the information technology sector. Throughout my career I spent a significant portion of my time coaching and mentoring others, helping them achieve their career and life goals

Since 2014 I have been focusing my efforts on supporting individuals willing to overcome barriers to true happiness through coaching and mentoring. I relied in my approach on applying the 12 steps used in the many fellowship founded to overcome a variety of addictions and the challenges brought about by being trapped in addictive behavioral pattern

I have been married since 2009, I am a father of 3 wonderful children. Despite accepting my sexuality and coming out publicly as gay, I have chosen to build a family together with wife. We did so by adopting spiritual principles that we strive to apply in our lives and share with the community around us. Spiritual Principles that are universal in nature and can be adopted by anyone regardless of their religious belief

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