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I get it, you want to know who you are working with. I would too! I am a husband to an amazing woman and together we work every day to develop our parenting skills to nurture our three wonderful children to become active agents for their personal development and contribute to the development of society.

I am passionate about working with others and helping them develop. I get real joy from seeing people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Throughout my career, I have always looked for opportunities to mentor and coach others. I have worked with individuals from different cultural, professional and spiritual backgrounds. Outside my day job, I volunteer in my community, working with families, children, youth and adults. I was able to see the uniqueness of every individual and at the same time see the similarities and commonalities that cut across all peoples.

I got trained in counselling because of my keen interest in developing others and helping them grow. I joined Lifeline New Zealand, an organisation that offers free phone counselling to anyone who needs help. Very quickly, I got to see that some people tend to get stuck in the same cycle. A cycle of addictive behaviour, unhealthy relationships, or challenges in the work place. I felt a strong desire to help people get unstuck and counselling wasn’t the way to do it.

I started my coaching practice and I got to work with individuals who are goal oriented, future focused and really excited about achieving great things in their lives. It was a very fulfilling experience. There was, however, that segment of potential clients that I couldn’t help. People who were held back by trauma, an addiction or a co-dependent relationship. No amount of coaching seemed to help!

I decided to get certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, to support a wider range of clients. NLP is effective and helps clients achieve great results in just one session. The certification process, in addition to giving me a set of tools to use with my clients, affected a deep personal transformation within me.

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