Seems like magic, to the untrained eye, it is only science!

Today we do so many things that we think are normal yet if we mentioned them to someone from a couple of centuries ago, they’d thing we are talking about witchcraft.

When I first came across NLP it seemed too good to be true. Seeing how transformative the tools of it were, it does look like magic. After taking a closer look at why it is so effective, the thrill of the mystery disappeared. It is just science.

Every experience a person goes through is coded in the brain. The brain however isn’t a repository of factual information. Each of us code the experience differently. Exactly why two people experience the same event differently. They even remember different details, or the same details differently. The reason for that is because we each have a unique way of seeing the world.

When we code experiences we use sensory systems, Visual, Auditory, kinesthetics. That coding is associated with a meaning. When we behave, react, or respond, we are not responding to the facts we are merely responding to the meaning we created of the events. Once we figure out how the meaning is created, we could, using the same sensory systems, create a different meaning. A meaning that increases our choices. A meaning that distorts an unhelpful pattern, gets rid of a limiting belief, or clears an old trauma.

Usually, these things take hours and hours of therapy sessions and thousands of dollars. With NLP it could take minutes, and that seems like magic, to the untrained eye.

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